A (Love) Letter From Danny

"We went from here to there," and that's a story we all know well enough. Besides visiting vistas, seeing scenes, and playing on playas, I want to describe a journey where people are met, situations are encountered, odd trivia bits are discovered, and lots and lots and lots of happiness happens.

In this tale, there's going to be confusion, delight, insanity, and hopefully (most often) big 'ol exploding high fives of good vibes and sentiments. And somewhere in between, some helpful, proper tips on just how to do the how and answers to why we're doing this whole thing. You can check out our first couple of posts for details on our pre-trip adventures, but just to recap our last couple of months:

NYC > Baltimore > CHI > Baltimore > LA > NYC > Baltimore > Tampa > Orlando > Santiago

There. To those that housed us over the last months, I want to offer FREE camping space to you all, including (in chronological order), Peg and Joe Cronyn, Ryan Archer Kelly, Drew Brownell, Steph, John and Laurel Hunzicker, Paige and Cedric Volk, Angela Patriarca, Sean and Jess King, Colby and Nikki Young, Jake and Amy Burns, Shahla Fatemi and Alex Nelson, Tim O'Bryan and Mike Belknap, Grandma and Grandpa Honey, and finally Sally and Mike Magruder. Please redeem your free camping space whenever you feel like being exactly where we are in South America (relative value ~1,000,000 Zimbabwean).

Safe to say, we love you all, and we love that we have such amazing family and friends—without which none of this would be imaginable or possible. Truly, you all are our present, not simply past or future and you are with us always. To everyone we didn't see, you owe us a visit or risk us completely forgetting about you (relative value about 1.5 million zimbawean). Kidding, obviously. We're just sore that we missed you. 

That concludes pre-trip thanks, next post to follow on where we currently are, and cliffhangers abound! Did we make it safely here, or did our plane crash and are our ghosts currently writing this?! Find out next post!